New Leases & Park Rules

New Park Rules for a Better Community

New Lease Up Package
(Yellow or white folder color does
not matter, the office ran out!)
With the change of ownership of the Park on West Kimberly, there will be new leases and park rules.

The onsite residential manager will be distributing the new leases and rules during the first week of September.

Even though the new owners are doing a lot of repairs and improvements to the park, (including repairing the road, the sewer pipes, re-roofing the apartment buildings, and remodeling some of the apartments) the lot rent fee will be staying the same and will not be raised.

The new owners hope to partner with the residents to create a wonderful place to live. Residents will be on notice to make sure lots are clean and mowed. The park will also be the eventual recipient of a unique program to help residents do repairs to their homes like re-roofing, painting, skirting, etc. This program is expected to be launched in 2018.

As far as the new lease-up packages and Park Rules, residents will receive a packet with two copies, one for their own files and one to return to management. The Park copies are on the left of the folder and marked with a sticky note (see picture below). Residents have the month of Septemeber to review the lease and rule packet and until the 1st of October to review the leases and rules. If residents decide to stay in the park, please return the copy for management signed and initialed.

Park copies on the left, resident copies on the right. Residents will receive a copy of everything they sign.
The park rules are designed to help maintain a quiet, clean, safe and enjoyable community to live in.

Any questions please call the onsite residential manager at: 

(563) 265-5078 
or email him at:

Wild Rose Mobile Home Park & Apartments
4847 W Kimberly Rd, Davenport, IA 52806


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