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Now you can pay online or Cash at the store! Now you can pay rent without going to the store by paying online.  Or you can now pay cash at a CheckFree CashPay location. Pay online & check your Account: You will need the account number at the top of your monthly rent statement to login.  You can pay straight with your bank account, Debit Card or even a Credit Card: Pay Rent in Your Tenant Web Access Portal You can also download the payment app right to your phone!  Click Here to Download the app to your phone! In this portal, you can not only pay rent, but check your water usage, and post a note to management. Want to pay cash? We  NEVER  take cash at the park!!!   BUT you can also use your CashPay Account  to pay cash at numerous Walmart, Hy-Vee and other locations. Tell them CheckFree Pay for PayLease Community Payments and give them your CashPay number. Look for your CashPay account number on your rent statement. Look for locations that accept CashPay, click here! Walmart at 310