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Derecho Storm Assistance

Currently there are two programs available  to help with the Derecho recovery. THE IOWA INDIVIDUAL DISASTER ASSISTANCE GRANT PROGRAM (IIAGP) The IIAGP offers grants to families whose household’s annual income is at 200% or less of the federal poverty level. Each qualifying household MAY receive up to $5,000.00 FOOD ASSISTANCE REPLACEMENT Households who currently receive Food Assistance may request replacement of food destroyed as a result of the recent storm damage, or spoilage as a result of a power outage. As a general rule, food will keep 4 hours if stored in a refrigerator, 24 to 48 hours if stored in a freezer. Households have 10 calendar days from when they discover food loss to complete the application. 4847 W Kimberly Rd, Davenport, IA 52806 (563) 265-5078

New Leases & Park Rules

New Park Rules for a Better Community New Lease Up Package (Yellow or white folder color does not matter, the office ran out!) With the change of ownership of the Park on West Kimberly, there will be new leases and park rules. The onsite residential manager will be distributing the new leases and rules during the first week of September. Even though the new owners are doing a lot of repairs and improvements to the park, (including repairing the road, the sewer pipes, re-roofing the apartment buildings, and remodeling some of the apartments) the lot rent fee will be staying the same and will not be raised. The new owners hope to partner with the residents to create a wonderful place to live. Residents will be on notice to make sure lots are clean and mowed. The park will also be the eventual recipient of a unique program to help residents do repairs to their homes like re-roofing, painting, skirting, etc. This program is expected to be launched in 2018. As far as the new

New Name for a New Future - Wild Rose

The Mobile Home Park at 4847 W Kimberly Rd, in Davenport, IA has received a new name in tribute to the state flower of Iowa. The new ownership decided on " Wild Rose Mobile Home Park ." While delicate looking, the Wild Rose is hardy, beautiful and resilient - returning year after year. A Flower with History The Iowa legislature chose the Wild Rose to be the motif on a silver tea set presented to the U.S. Navy and used on the battleship Iowa in 1896. When the subject of choosing a state flower came up, advice was sought from the Federation of Women's Clubs in Dubuque, and everyone agreed that the attributes of the wild prairie rose fit perfectly--and on May 6, 1897 it was so designated by the state legislature. Instead of singling out a certain variety, since several species are native to Iowa, lawmakers choose to go with its common name of Wild Rose. It is also known as the Wild Prairie Rose. It represented resilience and beauty to early European settlers and has lon

New Management & Ownership!

4847 W. Kimberly Rd., Davenport, IA New Life for an older Park We are happy to announce that the Mobile Home Park at 4847 W. Kimberly Rd in Davenport Iowa is under new management and ownership as of August 21st, 2017. The new owners have promised to bring the community back to nice place to live.  Repairs that are planned for the park on West Kimberly include: remodeling the old Brown's Motel into nice efficiency unit apartments re-roofing the buildings that require it fixing potholes near the entrance repairing the waste water treatment plant and bringing it up to modern standards with environmentally friendly and DNR reccommended UV light bulbs instead of the old chlorination system. Mobile Home Park, 4847 W Kimberly Rd., Davenport IA The new ownership for this eastern Iowa trailer park will be actively working with the residents at 4847 W Kimberly to make it a great place to live.