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Derecho Storm Assistance

Currently there are two programs available  to help with the Derecho recovery. THE IOWA INDIVIDUAL DISASTER ASSISTANCE GRANT PROGRAM (IIAGP) The IIAGP offers grants to families whose household’s annual income is at 200% or less of the federal poverty level. Each qualifying household MAY receive up to $5,000.00 FOOD ASSISTANCE REPLACEMENT Households who currently receive Food Assistance may request replacement of food destroyed as a result of the recent storm damage, or spoilage as a result of a power outage. As a general rule, food will keep 4 hours if stored in a refrigerator, 24 to 48 hours if stored in a freezer. Households have 10 calendar days from when they discover food loss to complete the application. 4847 W Kimberly Rd, Davenport, IA 52806 (563) 265-5078

Welcome Barbara, Our New Onsite Residential Manager!

Wild Rose Mobile Home Park would like to welcome  Barbara Ellis  as the community's new Onsite Residential Manager! Barbara and her husband Javon are bringing knowledge from previous onsite residential management experience and are excited to be a part of the Wild Rose neighborhood! Rent All rents should continue to be delivered to the park office drop slot or paid through through RentTrack. As always, rent is only accepted in check or money order and be addressed to Wild Rose Mobile Home Park. Please remember to put your Lot or Unit number on your payment.  You can also pay rent through a credit or debit card by visiting the park’s website at: , click on the contact us page, and “ Pay Rent through RentTrack .” It is easy and quick. If you get in a bind you can avoid late rent fees by paying through credit card.  RentTrack  also has an option that will help you build your credit through paying rent on time each month.  RentTrack  also allows you to pay instantl