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Our mission is to provide you with a safe, high quality neighborhood at an attainable price - so you can keep more of your money and enjoy life.

We also believe in the power of owning your own home. You can own your home for less than renting a similar sized apartment in as little as 3-4 years with our Rent Credit Program!

It is free to apply. After your application is received, it will be reviewed to see if it meets the basic qualifications. If your application meets the basic qualifications, a background check fee will be requested. Please note, the park never accepts cash.

For the initial background check fee please submit by Money Order or Cashiers check only - No cash and no personal checks for this fee.

Basic qualifications:
  • No dangerous felonies on record. 
    • OUI and minor convictions will be reviewed and many times are not grounds for denial, most are overlooked unless there are 3+ within 3 years. 
    • Minor convictions within 3 years are looked at closely but are not necessarily grounds for denial.
    • No recent drug sale or manufacturing convictions.
  • No pets over 25 lbs
  • Strong Rental or previous Ownership History is given more weight:
    • Preferably 2 + years at one location
    • No evictions or rent related collections within 7 years
  • Strong Work History; preferably:
    • 1 + years at one location
  • Income must be 4 X Total Housing Cost 
    • Total Housing Costs = 
      • lot rent
      • lot rent + home rent
      • lot rent + home loan payment.
    • For Example:
      • $360 Total Lot Rent X 4 = $1,440 Monthly (if you are buying a home outright)* If below $20,k/year must have savings to prove ability to do home repairs.
      • $600 Total Rent (Lot + Home Rent) X 4 = $2,400 Monthly Total Income for household
      • $750 Total Rent (Lot + Home Rent) X 4 = $3,000 Monthly Total Income for household
      • $950 Total Rent (Lot + Home Rent) x 4 = $3,800 Monthly Total Income for household
      • Permanent housing assistance can be included in Total Household Income
    When you go to start an application, it will ask for your email and for you to create a password so it can send you a verification link from, please watch for this email. Respond immediately as the link expires within 15 minutes. Once you have done this, you can login and out while you complete your application.

    Until you finalize it and digitally sign and submit, it is not completed. Please fill in all the fields. The more information you provide the easier it will be to approve you. If you leave many blanks, the application process will take a lot longer.

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